General Tab

General Settings #

Configure the basic settings for your quiz.

Title: #

Give your quiz a title. Choose whether to display it on the Settings tab (Show quiz head information).

Quiz image: #

Set an image for the start page of your quiz. The image will only be displayed on the first page of the quiz, along with the quiz title and description.

Description: #

Provide a description of your quiz or additional information. Decide whether to show it on the Settings tab (Show quiz head information). You can also add media to enhance your quiz description.

Category: #

Categorize your quiz. To create a new category, navigate to Quiz Categories in the left navigation bar.

Status: #

Determine whether your quiz should be active or not. If you select the Unpublished option, the quiz will not be displayed anywhere on your website.

Add questions: #

To add questions to your quiz, first create them on the Questions page in the left navigation bar. Then, return to the General Settings tab and click the Add questions button. Select the questions you created and click Select questions. You can reorder, edit, and delete the questions. There is no limit to the number of questions you can add. You can also use filters to quickly add multiple questions. The available filters include:

  • Filter by category (Pro)
  • Filter by tag (Pro)

You can select a category and add all questions from that category. Additionally, you can filter by tags and choose tags from the selected category, or you can directly set the tags to generate all questions with one or more tags.

Finally, click the Save and close button to save your changes.

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