General Settings

Default Quiz Parameters: #

  • Default Question Type: Choose the default question type that will be preselected on the “Add New Question” page.
  • Default Answer Count: Set the default number of answer options displayed on the “Add New Question” page (applies to radio, checkbox, and dropdown question types).
  • Default Question Category: Select the default category for new questions on the “Add New Question” page.
  • Default Keyword Count (Pro): Specify the default number of keywords to be selected when adding answers to new questions. This setting applies to previous questions and intervals as well.
  • Editor Height: Set the default height value for the Editor used within the plugin on the dashboard.
  • Textarea Height (Public): Define the height of the textarea by entering a numeric value.
  • Enable HTML in Answers: Check this box to allow HTML coding in answers when adding a new question (only works for radio and checkbox question types).

User IP Addresses: #

Do Not Store IP Addresses: Enable this option to prevent storing users’ IP addresses in the database. Note: If this option is enabled, the “Limit User by IP” option will not function.

Quiz Right/Wrong Answer Sounds: #

  • Right Answer Sound
  • Wrong Answer Sound

Excerpt Word Count in List Tables: #

Title Length in List Tables: Specify the number of words to display in the list tables. Enter your preferred word count in the respective field. (For example, entering 10 will show the first 10 words of each title on the dashboard page.)

  • Questions List Table
  • Quizzes List Table
  • Results List Table
  • Question Category List Table
  • Quiz Categories List Table
  • Reviews List Table

Start Button Activation: #

Enable Start Button Loader: Check this box to display “Loading…” text over the start button.

Results Settings: #

Store All Unfinished Results: Check this box to store all started but unfinished quiz data on the “Not Finished” tab of the Results page.

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