User Data

User Data Gain valuable insights into your quiz participants, including their demographics, lifestyle, and personality traits. Understanding your quiz takers can significantly improve your website’s conversion rate.

Information Form Title: #

Provide a concise text to display at the top of the information form template. Use media if necessary.

Information Form: #

Choose when to display the information form: Before Quiz or After Quiz. Select Disable if you don’t require user data.

Form Fields: There are Available Fields (Pro) and Active Fields (Pro). To activate a field, drag and drop it from Available Fields to Active Fields. To deactivate a field, drag and drop it back to Available Fields. Make any field mandatory by checking the corresponding tick box.

Add Custom Fields (Pro): #

Click the hyperlink to create custom fields or go to Quiz Maker → Custom Fields. The newly created fields will be listed under Available Fields.

Show Information Form to Logged-in Users: #

Enable this option to display the information form to logged-in users. If disabled, logged-in users won’t see the information form. However, the system will collect their names and emails from their WP accounts, storing them in the database.

Autofill Logged-in User Data: #

After enabling this option, the logged-in user’s name and email will be automatically filled in the information form.

Display Form Fields with Labels: #

Show labels for each form field. The label texts will be taken from the “Fields Placeholder” section on the General setting page.

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